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digital print: VENETIAN LIGHTS
Venetian Lights pigment ink on archival sugar cane paper 17 x 22 in. © W. Skog
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add a focal point

Artwork will brighten up a wall, a room...your life! That's the magic of art. It will invite you to enter a relationship with the specific arrangement of color, line, composition, etc. resulting in a personal bond that never ceases to please. Prints are a great way to start an art collection or add to an existing one.

Prints offer the advantage of significant economy without compromising artistic intent. And if they are originals such as these, they are not just reproductions of a piece of artwork, but utterly authentic.

The print Venetian Lights , #2 of a limited edition series of 10, not only captures the kind of lighting Renaissance artists favoured for plein-air oil paintings but the richly textured effects through many digital layers add another dimension. Also, note the beautiful deckle edge. Framed size would be 22 x 28 in.

original limited edition prints

artist's official seal

The fine art prints on this site are uniquely made, individual artist prints. Artist prints date back to the eighteenth century beginning with the English mezzotinters who made proofs for collectors. Proofs were orignally created to explore an image before running a series. Similarly I utilize various approaches to an image shich provide insight into the incremental progress of a work, something not usually available with the chronologically linear creation of drawings, paintings, or sculpture. A limited series created from the final choice is a rarity and is generally considered to be more valuable and desirable. Artist proofs differ from the standard edition print in that they belong to the artist and are therefore only specially requested on this website, as in some cases several are made in the exploration of an image, no two being identical. Rembrandt who had his own etching press was renown for making proofs that recorded his work in various states before creating a standard edition print.

certificate of authenticity

Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist, Wendy Skog, and indicating that it is a unique, one of a limited series artwork and not a copy or reproduction of an artwork. Each print has been created from start to finish as a singular piece and the certificate that accompanies a purchased print confirms and garantees originality. In addition, each print is signed by the artist.

finest quality materials

Prints made with archival dye and pigment inks on archival paper have a known lifespan of at least 100 years in prescribed conditions. Pigment inks contain the same pigments as artist's professional grade oil or acrylic paints. The superior recent production of ink dyes along with pigment inks grant the print a lifetime of vibrance. Archival papers made by companies that have made artists' fine art papers for over 500 years, such as Arches watercolor paper, are used exclusively in this portfolio. Hand made quality papers made from natural fibers like cotton, sugarcane, and bamboo are acid free and are as durable as canvas especially if preserved under glass.

the artist

The prints are hand created exclusively by Canadian artist, Wendy Skog. Incorporating techniques from photo, collage, traditional print-making, digital manipulation, drawing and painting, the images are developed incrementally. Interesting variations of the image are produced and printed on the particular archival substrate that most enhances the emotional and visual qualities of the image. Each image is unique and personally hand-printed in a limited series. Only collectible proofs that maintain aesthetic quality are retained and are used to generate the small series.

the process

Images are extensively manipulated, collaged and layered digitally to create prints that retain the hands on sensitivity and quality of traditonal fine art print-making. Traditional print-making processes incorporate many deadly chemicals such as acetone, asphaltum, lacquer thinners, naptha, isopropyl alcohol, etc. and are hazardous to the environment as well as the artist. Digital printmaking is by far less toxic and in today's world of high resolution printing, a popular tool for expression especially with the availability of fine art printing papers and media.

ready to hang option

If desired, the print can include mats and frames. Out of the box, the prints will then have everything needed to find a space on the wall. The frames are brushed aluminum, about an inch deep. The mats are acid free and archival. Works on paper are framed under glass. Prints on metal do not require glass and are finished with a hand polished wax and varnish protective coat as used to protect artwork since the Renaissance. Contact the artist to discuss preferences and extra cost estimates.

digital print framed

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