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Computers, Cavemen, and a Crunchy Question

In the Beginning, there were no pixels. But our hairy, mouth-breathing, knuckle dragging ancestors beginning around 40,000 BC were talented artists and produced superb paintings using ground lumps of mineral pigment, animal oils as binders, primitive crayons or brushes from animal hair, and blow pipes made from bird bones for spraying color. They liked to doodle on the walls after a hard day at the office...
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cave painting

Death by Wallpaper


Imagine a world without color. It would be even worse than a world without coffee.

A world without color would be like stepping through the screen of a black and white movie or tv screen. Imagine seeing the world in shades of gray with black and white at either end of the spectrum. It might be interesting at first but after a while , you would start thinking about that fire engine red poppy that just opened to your amazement, capturing your eye with the sheer force of its intense brilliance...
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golden investments

During the first half of the 20th century poster art became extremely popular when households everywhere were decorated with neo-classical 'fantasy' prints by artist Maxfield Parrish. Printed in enormous editions, they are still available as posters for under $20 and sold in malls and department stores today. A POSTER is not the same as a fine art print.

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poster by Maxfield Parrish
poster by Maxfied Parrish

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